"Susie helped create exactly the kind of birth environment I needed to deliver my babies! The prenatal visits were wonderful - like developing a friendship, not just listening to heart tones. She was even happy to include my children in the prenatal care! During my first birth with Susie, I very much appreciated her constant calmness. With my second birth with Susie, I appreciated her willingness to fight for me and stick with me. She is absolutely wonderful, an exemplary midwife!"  Lydia Graves, CNM

"After two previous hospital births I was eager for a more natural and holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. Choosing Susie as my midwife was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She was everything I had envisioned a midwife should be - nurturing, gentle and kind, 
in addition to being very professional, knowledgeable, experienced and thorough. Throughout my pregnancy I always felt well cared for and the birth was no exception. Susie and her assistant made the perfect team and worked together seamlessly to create a safe and tranquil environment. Everything went smoothly and we couldn't have asked for a more amazing birth experience!  My husband and I think very highly of Susie and definitely recommend Morning Star Maternity Services LLC."  Tami Hawkins, RN

"I have 5 children; the first 2 were born in a hospital, and the last 3 I was privileged to have Susie as my midwife. Each experience was unique and individual, but having the consistency of a calm and open midwife with her enthusiastic assistant made all the difference in the world. My favorite parts of each experience was their openness to giving our family plenty of time to bond with the baby prior to taking measurements and bathing. They also involved our other children where appropriate, which only increased the intimacy of the bonding experience. Susie and assistant are respectful of the mother's wishes as long as it does not interfere with the safety of mom and baby, and they are as supportive as you need them to be. Lastly, you are not a number! By the time I went into labor for my first homebirth, I felt like Susie was more then a midwife: she was my friend. It seemed like being there with me was the most important place that Susie could be at that time. I felt so spoiled and special after giving birth in a hospital. After my first homebirth experience with them, I swore I would never go anywhere else. Thank you, Susie! We love you so much!"  Ben & Becky Smith

"Susie and birth go hand in hand. I can not imagine having a child without Susie by my side. I have known Susie for over 20 years. I watched her coach my mother through 3 births, as a Doula, at the hospital. When it came time for my own births I knew that Susie had to be part of it. After, hearing more of her story and the work that she does, I decided to use her as my midwife for home births. Both the birth of my daughter and my son were absolutely amazing and such a wonderful experience because of the work of this woman. I am very thankful to have her as part of my children's birth stories."  Megan White

"As first time parents, my husband and I were feeling very overwhelmed at the idea of preparing for the birth of our son. We just didn't feel like doing birthing classes with 30 other couples over one weekend sounded like the best way to prepare. Susie came highly recommended by several friends and they could not have been more correct. Susie does in home classes, over several weeks so we had time to process the information, practice what we learned and then we had plenty of opportunity to ask all our questions. Susie made us feel so comfortable and empowered to meet this challenge.. We don't know what we would have done without her!"
Becky Aimes

"Susie Meeks was such a huge part of my happy birth experiences. I had 3 homebirths, 2 were water births. Susie wore many hats during my pregnancies and after the birth of my children. Friend, Midwife, Nutritionist, Marital Counselor, Lactation Consultant...The thorough pre-natal visits were done in the comfort of my own home where she and I would visit over coffee and cheesecake. At times she was a marital counselor, encouraging my husband and I during the pregnancies. She became a friend and a confidant. I loved how she was genuinely concerned for me and my needs during the birth. Even though she has assisted in the delivery of hundreds of babies, you can still see the amazement and wonder in her eyes with each new baby that she sees enter the world. She has a true gift to love and nurture and make each person feel extraordinary during their pregnancies. I highly recommend Morning Star Maternity Services!"
Annie McCreary

"I have had two hospital births as well as three home births. The last two of which Susie was my midwife. Of all my birthing experiences, my homebirths with Susie far outshine the others in comfort, competence and peace of mind. Susie is an exceptional midwife. She is calm, caring and extremely knowledgeable. I felt completely secure in her care.
Her assistant was also an enormous comfort to have at my births. Her experience with newborns was invaluable. As soon as my child arrived, she focused on the care and well-being of my newborn while Susie was focused on me, my health and my needs.
My experience with Susie was wonderful. I love being able to recommend her to any woman looking for the best midwife available in the Nashville area."  Sharyl Bertoni 

"Susie is my favorite midwife, and my mom!!! Of course I love her as my mother, but I especially appreciate her as my midwife with both of my births. She was such an encouragement to me throughout labor and even tough at times, but I will always be thankful for her tender care.  Honestly, if you live in the Nashville area, look up Susie Meeks, CPM-TN. Actually, ask someone who has had a homebirth and chances are, you'll hear her name, as well as people singing her praises. Strictly speaking as a client, she is the real deal."   Bethany Robbins

"My husband Johnny and I have five precious children. Susie Meeks has been our Doula for every one of their births. Johnny says to any and all of our pregnant friends, "Don't have a baby without her!" Susie is warm and caring while at the same time being completely professional and extremely knowledgeable. Because the birth experience is at times, um, intense, her calm demeanor is so reassuring and brings such security. At the hospital, she doesn't have to be concerned about anyone but you. She's not one of the nurses (who can be wonderful, of course) but whom you probably have never met and who might have to leave in the middle of your labor because her shift is over. She's not the doctor (who can be wonderful, of course) but who has other patients, who has to be concerned with hospital protocol and insurance company regulations, and who only has time to come in for your delivery at practically the last minute. Instead, Susie is your personal birth support: before, during, and after. Having a baby is such a defining moment in a woman's and/or a couple's life; Susie thoroughly prepares you for this amazing miracle, and then she is physically and emotionally with you the whole way. It's really incredible! She educates you, encourages you, coaches you, coaches your husband on how to coach you, and even takes over when you (or he) think you can't handle anymore, saying, "You're doing just fine," and because of the level of trust you have built with her, you totally believe her and then you are doing just fine - yay! The personal relationship Johnny and I have built with her through our in-home classes, phone calls, home visits, and obviously, the birth experiences themselves, has been and continues to be invaluable. Immeasurable! Every year on each of my kids' birthdays, I think of sending her flowers! If it is within my power, I will not have a baby without her! I cannot recommend her highly enough!"   Gina Peacock Byrd 

"Susie Meeks is an inspiration. She exemplifies what it means to be called to something, do it extremely well and never once complain when the tough times come. She inspires me to be a better person, because when I had the pleasure of working with her, I saw in her a love for her calling, a love for her work and an expertise that could only come from someone who is just that good at what they do.
She's also an angel. I say that because as a husband, I saw that God sent her to help me just as much as to help my wife Jen! She was just as much a comfort to me as she was to her and she always showed that she cared about my experience as much as she did about Jen's. As our Doula, she made me feel important, needed, and was even honest about the expectations she had of me and my role in the labor and delivery process. She showed all of those things to me during our birthing classes. Going into delivery, I have never felt so prepared as I did because of Susie's empowering methods and education.
Whether a home birth or a hospital experience, Susie is a must. If you don't believe me, let's go grab a coffee and I'll explain further why Susie Meeks is the best at what she does. When you hire her services, she's not just doing a job, she gives you something that 99% of the world just doesn't give you anymore - she cares."  Andy Hubbard

"Susie is such a wonderful midwife. After delivering 4 out of our 6 children, she is part of the family. She is great at listening to my concerns and troubles and knowing what to do make things better. In birth, she has an ability to lead with both gentleness and strength. Susie's priority is always on the well-being of the mother and she is careful to always honor the wishes of the birth family. Her knowledge of herbs and methods to make pregnancy and childbirth an amazing experience is unrivaled. It seemed that there was never a problem that could stump her. Her breadth of knowledge is incredible. Susie is a great blessing to our family. I feel privileged to know her and to have had her attending the most memorable days of my life. I recommend her with no hesitation and am completely certain that she is to a large extent, the reason that our births have been such beautiful experiences." Heather Wall

"My husband and I are so thankful to have had the pleasure of working with such an amazing midwife! Susie Meeks was able to help us accomplish the perfect birth for our baby. We are very thankful for her expertise and especially her caring nature. I felt very safe and comfortable with Susie from the beginning of our relationship and to this very day. I can't give her enough praise, she is truly an angel. Susie not only provided spectacular prenatal care, she also was available anytime after the birth which was very helpful since this was our first baby. Thank you very much Susie and Cindy for our perfect experience, we love you!"
Brittany and Brendan Benson

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